Easter in June? – Knoxville, TN Portrait Studio

So you’ve heard of Christmas in July?  I just invented Easter in June! ha!  Not on purpose, though-

I got so super busy around Easter with all my bunny {mini sessions}, and then we went to Disney World during Easter.  I didn’t really ever get actual Easter outfits for them since we were going to be out of town on Easter Sunday.  Reagan chipped her front tooth while at Disney.

Week by week, my kids’ Easter pictures were delayed.  I ended up keeping my bunnies much longer than the two weeks I had first anticipated.

SO… we finally caught a break and bit the bullet.  You know, photographing these three TOGETHER (for me) requires a special sort of mood and motivation.  😉

Max surely wasn’t on his best behavior for the pictures, but what more do you expect from the ‘terrible twos’?

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And darn it, if I didn’t let toooo much time pass by and now my kids are all attached to the bunnies.  (I confess I am, too!) Puddin’ and Pinkie Pie Birthday Cake

It looks like I’m going to be keeping Puddin’ around as a studio pet.  He is just too seriously sweet not to!

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